Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning and Implementation


GLP & Associates Inc. is your independent source for knowledge on investing, 403(b) plans, and all your retirement and financial planning needs.

GLP specializes in working with educators for their retirement planning.  Our knowledgeable staff of experienced financial planners is committed to working with educators on their terms. We understand the nuances of your retirement options – from public employee pensions, to your 403(b) plan. We will work with you to make sure you reach your financial goals.

GLP is unique in offering a full range of integrated services that include:

  • Education
  • Personal One on One Sessions
  • Personal Assessments
  • Design Tailored Solutions for your Financial Goals
  • Implementation

Steps to Successful Retirement:

  1. Education regarding your State Retirement Calculations
  2. Creating an Exit Plan/Strategy
  3. Proper Asset Allocation
  4. Implementation of Plan
  5. Annual Monitoring and Adjustments

Please complete your RETIREMENT SYSTEM INFORMATION SHEET. To get started, select the State in which you are employed: